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"You were wonderful to work with, very professional and also very understanding. You did a great job for us!"

-- Amy, Nina, Jen, July 2018

“Thank you SO very much for your help through this process.  I am over the moon with my financial results.  The sale of my precious little nest egg was difficult for me on my many levels, but not logistically --- and that's all thanks to you.  There were a few little snags, but from my perspective it was pretty smooth sailing.  That is, of course, a testament to your taking care of everything!

“I also really appreciate the quality of the people you partner with. You all made this very palatable for me.”

-- Angela B., April 2018

“Many, many thanks to you.  You made the place look great and had the perfect approach to pricing. The sale is a wonderful way for me to start my life in New York.  I am so grateful.”

-- Rachel R., February 2016

"We are very happy.  Thanks for all you help and advice not just with selling the house, but you have always made yourself available for us over the past 5 years.  That has been very helpful and even comforting since we came to Boston with no family friends or connections at all.

“Best wishes and continued success to you."

-- Don L., September 2015

"Thanks so much for your professional yet personal help in selling Union Park. You and Stephen were (are) wonderful; we could not have had a better, easy and trauma free selling experience."

-- Harry, April 2015

“Our most recent development on Dwight Street is complete and both units are stunning. The new homeowners are thrilled and I think this was our best effort so far. I wanted to thank you for your efforts and the knowledge that you bring to the table. Your expertise in product development dealing with the design and finishes has played a big role and helped achieve unprecedented prices. These projects don't go off well without people like you. There are so many disciplines that are needed to bring it all together; and you as the real estate marketing expert play a significant role and as always have performed admirably.  

“So a sincere thank you. Your efforts are very much appreciated.”

-- Lewis L., April 2015

"Tom and I really appreciate all you have done for us.  Hammond has been good to us over the years.  You made selling our condo super easy and I am grateful for that."

-- Ellen and Tom P., August 2014

“Thank you so much for all your help and advice. It was a pleasure working with you.  Your expertise in the field was clear and was vital in moving things along so smoothly.  We wish you all the best.”

--Najma M., July 2014

Congratulations on closing our sale! We appreciate all the help you have given in navigating thru a difficult buyer process.  As always loved working with you and thanks for the support.  Please come visit us in San Francisco!”

-- Nanda K., February 2014

“Many thanks to you for helping us get what we wanted!  I look back at my wish list and it is all pretty much there!”

--Terry R., December 2013

“We are really excited and really appreciate all your help.  We cannot tell you enough how helpful it was to have your expertise and service on both sides of the transaction.  I don’t know how we would have navigated without you!  

“In today's competitive Boston market, it was clear that having the right broker makes the difference between getting the house you want or not.   I have sent your name on to others for that very reason.”

-- Nancy H., November 2013

"Thank you so much for everything you did for me and this sale. The fact that I didn't stress out and was able to sleep through the night is a testament to the work you put in to providing the highest caliber of service. I know that things could have become very different at so many points in the process.

"I know that a long as you are still there, we will work together again. Quite frankly, you're the only one I trust represent me in this way."

-- Julia K., August 2013

"Dana, your resourceful and tireless creative talents serve your clients well on both the buy and sell sides."

-- K.,  July 2013

"Thank you for all your guidance and assistance. I look forward to keeping in touch and will recommend you to friends. You are the best!"

-- Katherine B., July 2013 

“Our sales process was fantastic so thanks very much for making it all happen.”

-- Alex B., January 2013

“Thank you so much for your note and all of your work selling my unit. The whole process seemed too good to be true throughout! Hope to work with you again in the future!”

-- Alexandra S., November 2012

“Dana, thanks so much for everything. The whole process could hardly have been smoother, thanks to you. Thank you for helping us get our home ready to sell - the final result hopefully played a big part in getting the deal done so quickly!  We would of course recommend you highly.”

-- Alison and Niall H. July 2012

“I can't believe for the first time since 1998 I am not a property owner!

“I sincerely thank you for all your help and guidance throughout the process. I could not have done it without you! I will put anyone I know who is planning to buy or sale in touch with you.

“Thanks again for all your help and best wishes for a busy spring and summer season!”

-- Courtney W., March 2012

“Dana, thank you so much for all your help, your patience, your guidance and support.  You made the process of buying a condo very painless and I am very excited about my new home. 

“I particularly appreciate your coming to visit me after the closing.”

-- Susan Y., December 2011

“Excellent news, Dana, and thanks to you for all of your help!  We are thrilled and couldn’t have done it without you.  Lots of happy memories on Tremont Street and West Springfield -- thanks to you.

“I said this yesterday, but you will always be our #1 referral for real estate in Boston -- you made everything incredibly easy for us.  (And you make everything you did look easy -- which we know it wasn't!)

“Thanks again and let’s stay in touch.”

-- Katie and Seth T., November 2011

“Thank you for all of your efforts (again).  I have appreciated your guidance and help and you truly made this an easy transaction. 

“I might be back to the South End, you never know, but I will certainly seek your assistance again when I move.”

-- Carol O., October 2011

“Thank you for being a great friend, both professionally and personally. Here in NC, there have been many times that Matt and I have said how much we wish we could have taken you with us -- we couldn't have asked for a better broker! You made the process of buying and selling our condo as stress free as possible. You are such a joy to work with!

“If we find ourselves moving back to Boston, don't be surprised if you get a phone call from us. We wouldn't want to work with anyone else. You made it easy for us to put our trust in you. We wish you all the best!”

-- Caitlin and Matt, June 2011

"Dana DeSimone did an excellent job of selling my condo on Tremont Street. He went above and beyond -- from letting me know what to update, supervising the updates, and getting buyers in the door. He is by far one of the best Realtors I have ever worked with. I plan on referring all of my friends who buy or sell real estate in the South End to Dana."

-- Meredith B., July 2010